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    Babylon Medical Centre
    Successfully gained patients Love and Confidence
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    Babylon Medical Centre
    Positive attitude and realistic approach is the motto behind our success.

About Babylon Medical Centre

Babylon Medical Centre (BMC) was established in Oman since 2003. It is an activity of Babylon Medical Services LLC. It has a target to be first choice locally and internationally. It started its activity in United Arab Emirates recently. BMC through the last twelve years created a strong business relationship with many local and international companies through contracts which are lasting for many years. We are providing medical services to more than 48 companies. A good reputation had been built up, the proof of that, there is no single company terminates its contract with BMC since 2003 till date. Our dedicated staff, from different nationalities including Iraqis, British, Jordanians, Filipinos, Egyptians, Sudanese, Turkish, German & Indians, are technically experienced professionals well trained with customer care programs and have a very good experience with hospitality, health environment safety and company staff care. We are able to manage clinics in the heart of congested city as well as in remote deserted areas. Our service delivery system is based on the best quality, immediate response, urgency, customer care, Implement client’s standards and most competitive prices as well. We follow the international and local MOH standards under supervision of international and local auditors with a very strict Quality Control Management system.

Babylon Medical Services

Babylon Medical Centre amerat

Babylon Medical Centre successfully gained patients confidence and love. Read More

Babylon Medical Centre rustaq

Babylon Medical Centre is one of the permitted centers for Training para-medics among the private sectors. Read More

Our Achievements

  • Babylon medical centre successfully gained patients confidence and love.
  • Babylon medical center’s growth made to contract with international and Oman’s largest companies like oib, oab, bank muscat, oifc..
  • It’s pharmaceutical department has also got an opportunity for distribution of Foreign medical products.
  • Babylon medical center developed active training department to its staff.
  • The last few years study also reveals that in every year there is an increase of 25% in number of patients compared to the previous years.
  • One stop shop providing full services, medical services,medical team, medicine, medical equipments, ambulance, mobile clinics and hospitals.
  • Product through our warehouse and pharmacies.
  • Babylon medical centre is one of the permitted centers for Training para-medics among the private sectors.
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  • Medical Centres

    BMC has four branches two in Amerat, one in Ansab and one in Rustaq.Babylon medical centre started in sultanate of Oman on 2003. They only appoints highly qualified and experienced personnel to ensure that the customer receive best attention at all times.

  • Pharmaceutics Warehouse and Pharmacy

    BMC has a warehouse in CBD area which includes a variety of medicines. It covers all its branches and also it can sell to other companies.

  • Ambulance Department

    Babylon Medical Centre is providing ambulances as per 'MOH' standards and as per 'Oil & Gas Field' standards in Oman.


    BMC has the ability to provide the clients, the mobile clinics & hospitals including different specialities as per the requirements of clients.


    BMC is providing medical team to the clients and on their site of works, as per specification of 'MOH' & as per the specification of the Clients.


    BMC is capable to provide equipments for the clients for Rental & Sell basis.

Our Vision

"To be one of the leading providers of Quality HealthCare
to patients and the clients in the private sectors in Oman.
Achieving staff development and consistent company growth"

Our Mission

Babylon Medical Center aims to be the Clinic of choice for the patients and the clients internationally and localy by :
• Providing leading edge clinical programmes
• Having a passion for customer service
• Developing a marketing strategy that is unique in the healthcare field


Medical Departments

A & E

Is equipped with advanced Medical devices and hold by professional medical emergency team with BLS Certificate and it is opening 24/7 to treat all types of accidents and medical emergency.

General medicine and surgery

This department provides facilities to treat and follow up the Following diseases:
1 ) Respiratory system diseases
2 ) Cardiovascular system diseases..etc..


This department provides facilities to treat the followings:
1) Infertility ( primary and secondary )
2) Uterine diseases
3) Cervical and vaginal diseases
4) Fallopian tubes diseases..etc..


This department provides facilities to treat children aging 0-12 years suffering from pediatric diseases (acute & chronic) like:
1) Respiratory system diseases (bronchial asthma & copd)..etc..

Dental medicine and surgery

This department provides facilities for :
1) Regular and surgical tooth extraction
2) Temporary and permanent fillings..etc..

Medical supervision

To supervise our medical staff in remote clinics related to our client to control international standards in Remote clinics to follow international auditing system.

Internal Medicine

This department provides facility to treat adults with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment.A physician who specializes in internal medicine is referred to as an internist or physicians in Commonwealth nations.

Radiology Department

This department uses imaging to diagnose and treat diseases seen within the body.Radiologists use a variety of imaging techniques such as X-ray radiography, ultrasound etc..

X-Ray Department

Provided with advanced x-ray machines of high resolutions, managed by professional staff. This department provides clinical services in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, etc.

Laboratory Department

We have well equipped laboratory with highly qualified and experienced lab. Technicians we undertake all specialized test’s like: Infertility, thyroid function, etc..

Visa Medical

We are providing Visa Medical Service, we are the only centre that provides the reports at the same date, because we are following a very strict procedure in processing the visa medical.

The clinic’s Core Values

Quality and the continual improvement of every aspect of our business to improve service, efficiency and effectiveness.
Respect and compassion in the delivery of humane clinical services to patients and their families.
Customer driven by striving to provide service of superior value.
Success driven by learning from everything we do so that the results of our actions bring added value to our customers and the company
Teamwork is the means by which we achieve our success recognising that a good and motivated team is stronger and more effective than any individual.
Integrity and Honesty are demanded to engender trust within and outside the organisation and must underscore every action.
Reward and Recognition through all appropriate means to attract, retain and motivate staff.

Licenses And Registration

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