Mobile And Stationary Clinics

The BMS team has expertise in designing and putting together extremely well-equipped mobile clinics. The entire design process is supervised and coordinated by health professionals. Together with the design team, we draft specifications of the clinic based on our client’s specifications. A 3D model of the entire design can also be generated to assist in this part of the process.

Our specialized interior architects pay close attention to optimizing the visual appearance inside the unit so that everything is within view while freedom of movement remains unrestricted. The final part of the design process is the placement and integration of medical equipment, furniture, and technical apparatus.
We trust only highly qualified workshops with the manufacturing process of this rolling infrastructure.

Mobile Clinic Applications
We’re capable of putting together all kinds of mobile health facilities, which include:
– Mobile polyclinics that include dental clinics
– Mobile mini theatres prepped for surgeries and other procedures
– Mobile radiology units
– Patient wards

Stationary Clinics

We have the ability for preparation of field clinics, as per the following:
– Construction with adherence to MOH specifications
– Supplying and installing medical equipment, instruments, and devices
– Executing licensing procedures with adherence to MOH guidelines and according to specifications of oil and gas companies.
– Provision of highly qualified medical staff.
– Maintenance and calibration of medical devices.
– Provision of medicinal supplies.