“Leader of the Season” event was organized on the 20th October 2020.

Venue: Wyndham Garden, Muscat -Al Khuwair

Time : 11: 00 am to 01: 00 pm

The agenda of the event was to declare the winner of  “Leader of the Season” award for the duration from July to September 2020.

“Leader of the Season” Program was designed by our reverent Chairman, Dr. Ammar Al Naji to acknowledge and remunerate the efforts of our good leaders by establishing this rewards program, improving them and developing their capabilities. All the leaders were evaluated monthly for the mentioned duration under the criteria and parameters set by him. .  The Leader who holds the highest rate for three consecutive months is awarded “Leader of the Season”.

According to the evaluation of the all leaders, Mrs. Tamara scored the highest marks and won the title for this season for this award.

She joined Babylon in the year 2011 and during her tenure of 9 years she always paid her loyalty with her consistent hard work under the leader ship of Dr Ammar with consistency and enthusiasm to the Company. Her improvement was remarkably noticeable every month in her performance. She closely worked on the comments and improved gradually. For the last month of the season for this award she maintained excellent, amazing and a drastic performance leading her to be a winner for this title.

The competition was very close with the other leaders but since there can be only 1 winner, she was chosen for this season. Babylon Medical Services wants each of their leader along with their teams to win this award in the coming months for every season.

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