Greetings from Babylon Medical Services (BMS),

Under the leadership of our Chairman Dr Ammar Naji,

BMS Healthcare is a Muscat corporation that has evolved from its roots established in 2003 to provide healthcare solutions in healthcare development, hospital management, human capital services and consulting services to the international healthcare industry. Started in Oman where our head office is now located in Muscat. With our expanded services we developed strategic partnerships, formed teams with Architects, Clinicians and Consultants to provide a one-stop-shop for our clients to get customized solutions in healthcare delivery.

We at BMS have entered the Pharma distribution services in Sultanate of Oman from the year 2017 and have 5 companies in our portfolio.

The newest and recent one to join under our company’s umbrella is “NEAUVIA” an Italian Dermaceutical company who are the pioneers in fillers and beauty technology.

NEAUVIA Established in 2012 as a scientifically-based medical aesthetics company, NEAUVIA has evolved into a vibrant, high-growth multinational corporation with production sites and subsidiaries in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland and U.S.

NEAUVIA’s mission is to empower people to proactively, holistically & effectively take control of their ageing process from the inside-out.

NEAUVIA aims to provide a disruptive approach and products to the aesthetic market, always supported by sciences and clinical data and by developing an iconic brand appealing to consumers.

Taking control of the aging process needs the combination of the best of all sciences to make a difference.

To achieve this goal, Neauvia has developed comprehensive protocols, supported by clinical data that combine rejuvenation therapies and grant clinically proven superior results.
This has been possible thanks to the in-house portfolio of products developed to work synergistically with each other and organically with the body.

Based on a unique expertise in integrative pro-aging medicine, Neauvia’s Smart Combination Therapies utilizing fillers, innovative energy technologies, professional skin care products and food supplements allow practitioners to achieve optimal treatment results and unsurpassed patient satisfaction: that’s NEAUVIA HOLISTIC APPROACH.

At this moment, I would like to mark a note, on the ongoing trends in the Dermaceutical industry….

The past decade has been transformative for innovation within the medical aesthetics industry. Just the number of popular treatments that didn’t exist before 2010,  but are now more popular than ever—is staggering. Knowing this, we’re pretty psyched at the possibilities the next 10 years will provide when it comes to beauty trends—and the New Year is already showing major promise for certain in-clinic procedures. Unsurprisingly, doctors are just as excited for the future. “2021 will be the year of finesse and minimally invasive treatments, including nonsurgical injectable treatments and surgical innovations with smaller and more hidden scars”.

We had the privilege to launch Babylon Medical Services – Neauvia on 6th of January 2021 at Hotel Crown Plaza, Qurum, Muscat.

The welcome note was presented on behalf of Dr Ammar Naji – Chairman – Al Naji group and Babylon Medical Services and the vote of thanks as well on behalf of the chairman to the attendees.

The function was well attended by invitees from top derma and Cosmo clinics from Muscat Governorate.

Babylon’s Dedicated sales team made this event a great success and the doctors and top officials from these clinics enjoyed the virtual presentation by Mr Paolo D Angelo – Sales manager , Neauvia – Gulf and Mr Alessandro Gariboldi – The Brand Manager of Neauvia – Global.

The meeting was schedules from 0800 pm to 1000 pm. 

More to add., We celebrated the new year from BABYLON MEDCIAL SERVICES for the customers by cutting a cake which came as a personal gift from The Chairman Dr Ammar Naji that evening.

Last but not the least, We thanked the guests with take away gifts as brand reminders on behalf of Babylon Medical Services.

Article by Latheesh Gopinathan, Medicine Sales Director

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