Through our international partnerships, we have made it possible to bring innovation to our client’s ambulances as per their requirements.
By accepting only, the best in supplies, we have expertise in the bodywork and customization of ambulance interiors. They could be ambulances that are different from each other, a small series, or a massproduced fleet, each order is produced in-house with maximum technical expertise involved.
We have a large fleet of ambulances available for leasing.

These come in 4 distinct types and are as follows:
– Type I – The Box Type Ambulance
Based upon a heavy truck, chases-cap with a custom rare compartment. This is a mobile intensive care unit.
– Type II – The Van Ambulance
This is an ambulance that is based on a commercial heavy-duty van with required modifications, including a raised roof and secondary air conditioning units. This ambulance can be used for advanced life support and rescue services.
– Type III – The Land Cruiser
As the name suggests, an ambulance based on the Land Cruiser frame with a hardtop, required modifications for raising the roof, and provision of necessary medical equipment which is very important for saving lives in emergency cases.
– Type IV – The Land Cruiser GXR
An ambulance based on the frame of the Land Cruiser GXR, with necessary modifications to occupy one patient and provision of all equipment required to save lives in emergency scenarios. These ambulances are classified as emergency evacuation vehicles.