The Babylon Platform

We have created a comprehensive e-Health solution that is used for screening, primary diagnosis, and triaging, connecting the entire healthcare ecosystem in one place.
By providing end-to-end data points that link primary point of care visitation, medicines, diagnostics, doctors, remote centers, specialists, and more, we have created an ecosystem that provides immense insight into patient care.
Our web-based Babylon software is available on the cloud and includes video conferencing, along with a comprehensive electronic medical record system. We have designed the software with the ability to operate at even extremely bandwidths to limit latency of care and increase effectiveness.

Babylon’s Wireless Integrated Point-of-Care Medical Devices (BWIC)

Our point-of-care services are further enhanced with the application of integrated wireless medical devices, equipped with intelligent sensors, keeping specialists and patients always connected.
BWIC’s range of sensors is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled, providing a powerful interface that easily connects to computers, smartphones, and tablets.