COVID-19 has affected the life and Health of more than 1 Million People across the World.This Overwhelms many Countries Health care System and of course affects health care providers.

During the SARS COV 2 Outbreak, the Health care workers face aggravated Psychological Pressure and even mental illness.

Major Epidemic Outbreaks pose an increasing demand for Health care workers. Constant increasing of infected cases, a rise in the rate of deaths, lack of any specific medicines or Vaccines, massive workload, lack of personal protective equipment’s and feeling of inadequate support all can contribute to the mental burden of these Health Care Staffs. In these  situations , it is expected of  Health Care Workers to work long hours while they are under over whelming pressure.
They are at the Risk of Being Infected when treating ill Patients. On the other hand, like other individuals,they are exposed to a considerable amount of fake news and rumors all of which increase their Anxiety. Working in these situations develops the risks of various Psychological and Mental Illness well as Physical and Emotional distress among Medical staff.

Besides the fear of infection and separation from Families, Health care workers  have been reported to suffer from depression,anxiety,insomnia and distress. Moreover Nurses, Front line Health care workers and Younger Medical Staffs reported more severe Degrees of all Psychological Symptoms except the vicarious traumatization than other Health Care workers.Also being the only child in their families, the severity of patients, working hours per week,diet and sleep status influence Health care workers stress.

COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdown have rapidly changed everyone’s life and habits, affecting the Psychological health of people worldwide.Nonetheless ,bound by an oath to heal, Health care workers have continued to work,confronting a deadly and highly contagious illness,while the rest of  the People were bunkered in Homes.

Article by Roshen Varghese, Nursing Supervisor – Babylon Medical Services LLC

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