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The Sultanate of Oman is located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, with landscapes from rugged mountains to desert plains and rich mangroves. Oman’s ecosystems are varied, presenting a unique opportunity to manage the environment. With an economy that is dominated by exporting crude oil, economic diversification is aligning with Vision 2040.  An area that is to be addressed in…

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Let the Sunshine in, Nature will nurture

According to a recent study, sunlight and natural elements in the workplace may improve workers’ moods and job satisfaction. A recent Gallop poll found that almost a third of workers are disengaged and unhappy at their jobs. Could a dose of nature give them a boost? According to a newly published study, workers exposed to sunlight and natural elements in the workplace report better…

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Internal communication in the organization

Nowadays, all the organizations and companies around the world did emphasize on truth which states that the times are rapidly as well as continuously changing, and because of this fact, the organizations and companies are becoming very aware of the importance of retaining the competitive edge through the effectiveness of the employee’s’ adaptability, and that can be  done only by…

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