About Us


Babylon Medical Centre (BMC) was established in Oman since 2003. It is an activity of Babylon Medical Services LLC. It has a target to be first choice locally and internationally. It started its activity in United Arab Emirates recently. BMC through the last twelve years created a strong business relationship with many local and international companies through contracts which are lasting for many years. We are providing medical services to more than 48 companies.
A good reputation had been built up, the prove of that, there is no single company terminates its contract with BMC since 2003 till date. Our dedicated staff, from different nationalities including Iraqis, British, Jordanians, Filipinos, Egyptians, Sudanese, Turkish, German & Indians, are technically experienced professionals well trained with customer care programs and have a very good experience with hospitality, health environment safety and companies staff care. We are able to manage clinics in the heart of congested city as well as in remote deserted areas.
Our service delivery system is based on the best quality, immediate response, urgency, customer care, Implement client’s standards and most competitive prices as well. We follow the international and local MOH standards under supervision of international and local auditors with a very strict Quality Control Management system.

Clinic standards must be followed by all the staff:

  • Be Professional.
  • Punctual.
  • Polite and kind
  • Sympathetic and Empathetic
  • Caring
  • Responsible
  • Providing leading edge Clinical programs.

Babylon purposes:

  • To maintain Clinic Standards.
  • To extend the optimal and professional medical service to our clients , patients as well as to the staff.
  • To promote health.
  • To prevent illness.
  • To keep safe.
  • To keep the confidentiality of the patient.

Core values are:

  • High Quality care
  • Respect and Compassion
  • Customer Driven
  • Success Driven
  • Team Work
  • Integrity and Honesty

All the medical services are available at one place eg: patient clinics, warehouse and medicine provision, pharmacies, providing ambulances, providing mobile clinics and hospitals, providing medical team, providing medical equipment,international health auditing, medical supervision

occupational health etc. We are a provider of out patients and have a medical centres, one at Amerat and the other at Rustaq and the third one is upcoming.We have a full range of medical team provided to the clients and full range of ambulances, equipments, clinics, mobile clinics & hospitals.


We are committed to provide our customers with services that satisfy the highest standards of quality and service .The commitment to quality through out the organization has led us to develop Quality Management System .

Our supervision department consist of qualified medical supervisors who are continuously involved in intensive training programs and followed up by restricted quality supervisors who undergo continuous firm auditing system .
Each site clinic has direct supervision from our head office with 24/7 internet and mobile phone connection . We are continuing our support and co-operation with the programs of authority for improving the quality of medical services in sultanate of Oman .We achieve our goals through :

  • The advanced planning of all processes to ensure that they are conducted in the most quality effective manner .
  • Dedication to provide excellence in service to our clients .
  • Provision of medical staff of superior quality at most competitive prices .
  • Internal and External auditing
  • Provision of medical staff of superior quality at most competitive prices
  • Realizing the need for continuous improvement in our system and the people who use them .
  • Ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of all our client .
  • Insisting on conforming to all legal and ethical standards which affect our business.
  • A specified policies and SOP’s.



Everyone associated with BMC must treat patients, colleagues and other health professionals with the same degree of respect that they would wish to receive.


Every person is expected to be truthful in verbal and in written communications. They should also acknowledge errors of omission and commission to colleagues and patients.


In terms of Patient Care the doctor should always obtain the patient’s informed consent for diagnostic tests or therapies and assume 24-hour responsibility for the patients under their care.