• To provide the best, professional medical service to the patient as well as to the staff.
  • To maintain safe and therapeutic environment to the patient and to the staff.
  • To make the patient and staff to feel comfortable to deal with the Doctor.
  • To keep up the Standard of the Clinic , the standard of the Company, and the standards of the Clients.


When the patient comes to clinic he /she will be welcomed by the Patient Relation Department staff and make them to have a seat and make them comfortable. A file will be opened with a new number and patient card will be given to him/her if it is the first visit , or new data sheet will be created if the patient has previous file in the clinic. The Nurse will inform the Doctor about the arrival of the patient and the latest will be accompanied to Doctor and Doctor will welcome the patient and introduce himself to him/her . Doctor will take the patient complaint of illness, past medical history and family medical history.


A full clinical examination will be done by the Doctor and the Nurse will check the vital signs and report it to the Doctor .Then the Doctor Will ask for the Investigation like Blood, Urine, Stool test or do some procedure like ECG, Ultra Sound, Nebulization, Aural wash, Suturing …etc if needed and he/she will be given medicine according to the Diagnosis. Doctor will explain the findings and the Diagnosis to the patient. Patient’s data sheet will be kept in his/her file for documentation. The patient will be wished to get well soon and he/she will be escorted up to the door to make them feel comfortable. If the patient needs any other investigation or further Management which is not available in the Clinic, then he/she will be referred to the nearest Hospital.

  • To extend the best Emergency care to the patient as well as to the staff from the rescue team.
  • To maintain the standard of the Clinic, Company as well as the standard of the Client.
  • All Emergency Equipments are available in the clinic like Defibrillator, Monitor, Ambo Bag, Artificial Ventilator … etc .
  • All Emergency Medicines are available in the Clinic like Adrenalin, Atropine, Dopamine, Hydrocortisone, chlorpheniramine, Snake Anti-Venom, Scorpion Anti Venom, Spider Anti-Venom … etc.
  • When we receive the patient as an emergency case the Doctor will raise EMERGENCY CODE to Client and to Babylon Medical Centre Supervisor . With immediate action , Doctor will collect the history from the relatives, the Nurse will check the vital signs and the Doctor will do the full examination, will do the first aid , treat the patient with top emergency care till his/her condition being stable . Refer the patient to the nearest Hospital for further management. The patient will be accompanied by both Doctor and Nurse , while the other doctor & nurse being called to stay in the clinic for any further assistants to other patients . The Patient will be followed up by Babylon Medical Centre Supervisor through communicating with the Doctor or the Nurse who is on duty in admitted Hospital and visiting the patient there.
  • If Emergency case is happened in site of work far from the clinic : Doctor with nurse will move immediately by Ambulance to site of injury with the full Emergency Bag and follow the same mentioned procedure .
  • Doctor shall submit a Full Emergency Report to the Client and to Babylon Medical Centre Supervisor .


  • To keep all patients data sheets visits.
  • To keep properly patient medical history.
  • To update the Client for any enquiry in regards to its staff.

Receptionist and/or Nurse will open a new file to each patient visiting the clinic first time . New file number will be issued with Clinic ID card holding patient name , client name , patient employment ID number , Clinic file number .

  • To make the proper Documentation and to maintain the standard.
  • To keep a Medical record of all patients.
  • To maintain the confidentiality of all patients.
  • To maintain the standard of the Clinic , Babylon Medical Centre , and the Client.
  • The Doctor who examine the patient should fill the data sheet.
  • Patient’s data sheet should be filled with his full name, date of birth, sex, nationality, Employee number, all the vital signs, allergic status, past medical history, past surgical history , family history , social history , full examination finding , Diagnosis, treatment, Doctors signature, stamp and the Nurses signature if any.
  • All the treatment should be marked properly.
  • All the medications, IV fluids, injection must be entered with the same name which was given in order to maintain the stock level.
  • The patient data sheet should be signed by the patient and also the Doctor should sign and stamp it.
  • To give the best care to the patient of the Client.
  • To avoid any miscommunication.
  • To make the patient feels comfortable.
  • Any calls from the Client staff regarding the patient who is sick it should be by the duty manager and the nurse or Doctor should speak to the patient and take the full history of the sickness, name of the patient, ID Number , Staff Number , Age, Sex, and offer the patient whether he or she prefers to come to the Clinic or they need a room visit by the Doctor.
  • If patient cannot come to the Clinic and he or she needs room visit the Doctor should take the full history of the patient, prepare the emergency bag with necessary things with required medicine. Before leaving the patient room please collects patient’s details about the full name, Age, Sex, ID number to prepare the data sheet.
  • If any follow up is needed check with patient which is the suitable time for them the next day either to visit the patient in the room or patient will come to the Clinic.
  • To give the best 24/7medical service to Client by giving best service to its staff.
  • To maintain the medical confidentiality of the patient.
  • To keep up the Clinic standard.
  • To maintain the Client standard.
  • To maintain the best records.
  • To maintain the team work.

The Site Clinic must not be closed. if the staff is on break or went to comfort room there should be a sign board sticked saying that the Doctor or the Nurse on a break and he or she will be back in certain timings if any emergency to contact on Doctor Mobile Phone.

  • To give the best care to the patient of the Client.
  • To avoid any miscommunication.
  • To make the patient feels comfortable.
  • Nurses to follow the standard of the Clinic for the Cleaning, sterilizing the instrument, maintaining the equipment and medicine etc. they are responsible to maintain Clinic Hygiene.
  • The entire patient data sheet and the staff sheet should be maintained and the stock of the medicine should be well maintained without any calculation mistake.
  • Daily checking of the emergency bag and the equipment’s in each shift.
  • Any infectious case or emergency cases to be informed to Doctor In charge.
  • Any food born illness or accident should be filled a form and hand over to the duty manager and notify Doctor In charge.
  • Any Clinic issue must be informed to Babylon Medical Centre Supervisor immediately without delay.
  • Be responsible for the Clinic and the Clinic equipments.
  • Each Doctor and Nurse Must handover to the next shift any papers, any issues, any follow up .and the equipment check list to be done during the each shift.
  • Arrange the medicine and the inventory in proper way if any medicine or surgical item is nearly 35% please send order for new stock to our purchasing department in head office.
  • Maintain the Clinic cleanliness. The house keeping staff must come Twelve times daily to clean the Clinic and in between if needed to call them
  • The medicine must be entered with the same name as it was issued.
  • To give the Client a best care.
  • To promote Health.
  • Sick leave must be issued to the sick persons only.
  • No sick leave must be issued to the past sickness. It must be issued to the present and to the future.
  • Sick leave must be printed in three copies. One for the patient, one for the file and one for the records.
  • Any staff is seeking for the sick leave must be recorded and reported to Client Supervisor immediately.
  • To give the best care to the patient by doing the all available test.
  • To maintain the Clinic , Babylon Medical Centre and Client standards by giving the best service.
  • Any patient is for the blood or urine investigation please collects the sample and sent it to lab and record the formal report for the treatment.
  • Laboratory equipment ,materials should be requested when the stock remaining is 35%
  • To maintain the stock.
  • To maintain all the confidential records.
  • To maintain the standard of the Clinic.

In Remote Area Clinics , We should find the place for store to the Clinic with the standard temperature and the environment.

  • To give the best professional medical service to the patient of the Client with the fully set up Ambulance and with the professional rescue team.

Any emergency case referred by ambulance please follow the ambulance policy. If the ambulance is not available please arrange the shuttle and the rescue team must take the emergency equipment with them and also there should be a referral form filled to be given first two copies.