Ambulance Services

We are your ONE STOP Medical solution

  • Our Ambulances services are available on an accident and emergency basis.
  • Our Ambulances offer the Patient Transport Service function which transfers immobile patients to and from their hospital appointments.
  • Emergency transport to a hospital.
  • Advance ambulances are equipped with advanced equipment and tools to handle critically ill patients.
  • Ambulances are handled by an emergency medical technician (EMT) and transport patients who require basic medical supervision under minor or uncritical situations such as mild fractures,and sub-acute care facilities (nursing homes). It comprises of the patient bed, pulse oximetry and oxygen delivery devices.
  • During non-emergency situations, Medical transport vehicle transfers patients to and from hospitals. A patient who requires to be transferred to a facility that can give a higher or more specialized level of care or used to transfer patients from a specialized facility to ahospital when they no longer require this specialized care.