Nurses in this time of pandemic: Playing an important role-At all times…..


                                                              I would say it’s been a bizarre experience. Within a matter of days, it just began evolving and changing, and I think all of us started to realize. We really don’t know what this is? It started to become a little bit scary. I’m handling the stress day by day. This is what I’ve been called to do. I’ve always wanted to care for people that can’t care for themselves. One of my biggest fears is not being able to care for everyone and meet everyone’s needs if there is this big increase in patients. I’m staying calm by thinking about how I’ve handled really tough days in the past before—and I got through it. I have a really great team of Nurses that I’ve worked with and I’m not alone in this.



                                       This is going to be something that we will get through. Nurses always go into the unknown. Every day is an unknown when you’re working in a clinic, centers, or in a hospital. And this is what we signed up for. But as the days went on, and we realized that our center, was there for us and had plans in place before we even knew about them, it just started to become: All right, we’re doing this, and we can do this.



                                           This pandemic is causing extreme of fear on us and as a Nurse, I would like to address to all the people of Oman and the whole world that, we’re feeling the same way they are. This is something that no one has dealt with. People are the ones who are having to stay at home, and I feel extremely bad for the people who are losing their jobs and possibly not being able to pay their rent and mortgages. That’s just as heroic as us on the front lines. We are putting ourselves at risk and taking care of these patients, but we still get paid.



We appreciate them supporting us and supporting the community. Everyone is doing their best and that mindset helps. We just have to stay positive.  God bless us all…


Article by Danilo Timbol-Nurse